About us


We started 20 years ago in Spain, from the first moment we had the best national beech wood and countries like Finland and Sweden.

Since then we have been inspired by Nordic lines, thus solving aesthetic problems at the hands of our artisan experts and our innovative vision.

natural wood tv stand minimalist stand modern stand for tv

FACE , managed to beautify any space generating spaciousness, modernism and comfort.

We generate and manipulate our own material, thus creating a sustainable and renewable ecosystem for the environment, being manufacturers and distributors.

The ROSTRO team has great professionals in the technology and innovation sector, this is how they managed to create a unique TV support with a sound and quality system for the most passionate.

Thanks to the great work carried out during 2 decades, we have more than 100 thousand satisfied customers throughout EUROPE. Our logistics is fast and perfect, which together with the customer service team generates a maximum degree of satisfaction.